Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What Lies Ahead - A Poem by Savannah Brown

This poem depicts of uncertainty of what will happen next beyond curiosity of what lies beyond the limits of imagination and the unknown.

What Lies Ahead - A Poem by Savannah Brown

I've got so many dreams in my head they get pushed out my ears
and I've heard a clouded mind is said to be a burden
but up here, the sky's so near, the air's so clear
and the stars can hide in the back of my eyes.

The earth lies below reflected in sparkling silver linings
Quiet goodbyes, white lies, sighs
drowned in golden moonlight.

I'm floating above it all, scaling mountaintops
Clinging onto sunbeams with tingling fingertips
I've got wind in my wings and it's icy cold but comforting
A shocking chill that reminds you what it's like to be alive.

It melts into your skin, into your veins, courses through you
Makes you realize that maybe you've been blind this entire time
So you squeeze your eyes shut and like a flash of light you see.

I've spent a lifetime being found, but I'd really like to get lost
Become one of the millions breathing love into the atmosphere
and someday I'll hold the world in my hands
The oceans seeping into the cracks in my palms
And all at once I'll know every story of every
Heart and head and hero that wants to be told.

The universe is either opening itself to me or swallowing me whole
in shades of white and black and indigo
I can't tell which, maybe both

But time will surely tell.

Going into the unknown is how to expand what is known.

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