Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Paradox of Psychopaths - Abusing The Use of Science

People change, the surroundings change, so does the trend. And with this comes the risk of exploiting everything like computers, workplace, even women, like the weakness of a powerful dragon still sleeping in the den, putting up a mind control device unto it and use it against evil purposes. 


Have ever heard of the word "hypnosis" or "psychic" or such word related to psychology? If so, we're talking about the branch of science that deals with the person's way of thinking, coming up with ideas so extraordinary that we build civilizations that people amazes to these "marvels of mankind".

Let's talk about hypnosis. It works like a trance in a very clear resemblance to sleep - with one, very descriptive exception. That is, having your body awake, everything awake, and your brain is awake - with the subconscious much powerful over the conscious one. In other words, a person in a trance is more aware with these "commands" without EVEN aware the logic behind it. It is useful in therapy among depressed and "psychologically unstable" people, in order to change them for the better.

But then again, there are crooks, like a computer hacker remotely install a Trojan horse into another person's PC in order to control it, attempt to do the same to other people, particularly the women and the powerful.

Difference: To the left - Not hypnotized. To the right - Hypnotized. Some actions may apply and even psychologist may argue upon the nature of such one way or another.
Let us put this in line with those hardcore hackers doing their job stealing accounts for the sake from benefiting from it. Hackers, like crook hypnotists, do a lot of freaking jobs in order to attain their goals in which by nature, are mere self-interest with the intention to make themselves - satisfied.

Hackers can manipulate data - ranging social media accounts to bank accounts, considering that there are exploits, vulnerabilities, and more of those flaws that such techie person will "penetrate" firewalls of extreme security, ending up either in the prison, or if one is wiser over the other, having a better life from an illegal activity.

You have been hacked! Says a hacker in his homemade command center.


There are key knowledge of science that may be used for evil things. For instance, using nukes of annihilation of mankind, using chemicals like anthrax and mustard gas in warfare, and worse, using technology for the destruction rather than the improvement of each individual's lives.

The bio-hazard symbol
Laser-guided technology, stealthy machines, highly automated assault weapons, long-range ballistic missiles, nuclear submarines and more others are just a very god example of such devastated weaponry that is based on science that is, if abused, can kill thousands, or even millions on the globe. It's really OK (thumbs up) to have such weaponry designed to defend a nation against an invader. Such arsenal that is risky to fall into enemy hands will decide the faith of many innocent lives in this planet with just a flick of a button, categorizing it's target from a high-risk to the lower one, that is, to pertain the very purpose of the mission a group may partake.


The conflict continues between the protagonist (pro) and antagonist (anti) with their own dreams and aspirations, whether good or bad, straight or crook, just whatever it is, will continue as long as the recepie for the conflict rages on. The mastery of knowledge and the abuse of it will send off the mass disinformation, or as I may say, a wrong signal to the masses that made them more confused than ever. Making things worse, the crooks maybe use their Charm to send a signal and there you go, those bunch of minions go and will support (or worse, to work) with Ms. Scarlet Overkill. Such scenario is dangerous as the Yankees blame the Spaniards that destroy the battleship Maine into the abyss in the Waters of what is now communist Cuba, which it have led to the American-Spanish war of 1898 that is a stepping stone for the USA to become more of an empire. Hoorah! It proves that a premeditated attack can sway the masses to war, sending forces to there and finish the wrong adversary, If I may wrong.


I is concluded that psychopaths like Hitler is subject to have his wonder toys like V2 rocket that set London into the abyss. Luckily for the Allies, it entered service at the closing of the European battlefronts of World War 2. Imagine if such weapons were built before the conflict. If such was the case, the thousand-year Reich will be there to stay. Simply speaking, science can be used to either good or bad. Doing good, and the humanity has a better future. Or worse, it will make this planet more of a wasteland. Likewise, if computers or the people's mind are hack, only time will tell if a terminator - like scenario will be gone off sooner or later. Always remember, live life to the fullest.


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