Saturday, July 25, 2015

Perception to Social Media Privacy

This is a mere fact that many people perceived that social media by it's nature is indeed private and is secured from other opportunist user. But then again, they are wrong.

(The way the article is written is a little bit satirical than it's well known predecessor that is ever written here in The Pitzviews. Proceed with extreme caution)


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ among others are considered as "social media" sites that can connect one person after the other. There's indeed no problem about that. The problem is, most people believes that such social media sites are protecting a person's privacy in a way that it is not gone into mainstream. Likewise, they posted each and every minute of the thing called "way of life" in a series of selfies, right among others.

There is nothing wrong about it. In fact, it will make the best of friends informed. However, there are others lurking within the cyberworld, stealing data and suddenly, spoof. There goes your privy life become public with some horrific twist of faith, making it much controversial as the things you see on Television. Scary, isn't it?

Private life must not be posted into public right away.


In fact, there is only one tip for this highly complicated problem encountered by many users that is considered a pandemic of the computer world that is as dangerous as the strongest computer virus ever created. Well, that is, NOT POSTING ANYTHING SENSUAL AT ALL.

Does it really make sense?

It depends however, to the person whether they will post it or not. The only thing there is, to be responsible enough of what to post in the public in a certain way that it is acceptable by many, rather that horrendous deed that is subject to be criticized by judgmental people who keep on throwing potatoes around without knowing the true story behind the greatest mistake a person will encounter in one's life. Humiliating, it can cause severe pain, overwhelming emotions and the risk of having relationships tear apart aside from being disrespectful by people that will defame dignity, honor, and most of all, personality.

Social sites say that they will protect an individual's privacy. But what if the government intervenes? Is that a violation to privacy? By mere ethical perspective alone, it can easily be justified as "for security reasons" as if they hunt down the most wanted criminal lurking wild like an urban jungle called a "metropolitan area" commonly known as a city. The point there is, that such actions simply violates the fundamentals of privacy in a way that it is indeed legal (no choice about it) with the intention of getting their target. In layman's term: "The ends does not justify the means".

Don't even publicize it.

Simply put, the privacy in each and every social media site is indeed not guaranteed implying the control over such resources of data can be used against an individual. Not to say that such accounts must be deactivated, just saying that a responsible user comes better social media experience without harming the very self just by mere posting or rather, posting the private life gone unnoticed by many...


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