Friday, July 10, 2015

Love: Only for the Brave

Love, love, love. Love is a good feeling. But then again, there is only one question regarding this: "Is love only applied for the brave? 

Love: Only for the Brave

We all know that to be brave is to be strong. But when it comes to love, bravery is taken to another level. Love pushes men to be risk takers. But why is love believed to be brave? If you want to know, let me tell you why.

Love is only for the brave ones because, if you are not brave, you are not ready to love. Bravery is really important in love. If there is no bravery, we will get crazy, stressed, depressed, and there will be a possibility that we will attempt suicide. If you are ready to get hurt only for the one that you love, then you are brave.

In love, sometimes you become unafraid to lose someone that you love. Even though you really love him or her, you go in separate ways because of not satisfaction on the partner or simply, the truth. When that happens, just accept it. Maybe, you are not meant for each other.

With the possibility of success or failure in having a relationship, we must face the probable risk that may come out unnoticeable. And in making confidence, having planned in advance will minimize but not eliminating the risk. So, it is a challenge for you to face and be strong to face the risk of failing again.

Bravery is needed. For in the end, you will get your desire of finding someone who will love you more than you will deserved. As what the saying in the Marines goes, “No guts, no GLORY!”

If you are brave, you've deserve it. <3 <3


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