Monday, June 22, 2015

The Nature of Morality as to Personal Beliefs

One is wondering about the nature of morality can finally answer such question.

In today’s civilized world, morality is a major factor that keeps everything in motion, with every principled people the workforce of the so-called society. Based on experience, morality definitely affects my life, especially on my inner-being. Morality started within the family, especially in their respective houses. My parents taught me many things, particularly the values that need to partake unto the next generation. It comes in many ways for me. From mere advices to severe punishments, such ideologies keep on bearing my mind that as the time goes by, such is the case that morality needs to be preserved to the future generations like, my own experience, starts within the family.

It was until I search the internet and look on a PDF file named: Nature of Morality that came from a book preferably published by Pearson indicates that the nature of morality covers not only the good side but as well the bad side. It stressed out the also the relevance of human moral standards as it is complied to the laws of nature. Upon reading it, I felt amazed, as it covers the larger scope of moral intuitions than that I perceived at, pertaining to what believe that morality only covers the things that are right to us although that there is a larger picture involving morality. It supports my idea upon the relevance of  nature to human’s radical mind and also, the standards pertaining to the society’s ideals and proper infrastructure.

As I reflect, based on what I perceived through my sight, hear, and belief, that morality in nature is indeed right and just that is based on the standards stipulated by the society in general trough the help of academics, the government by its laws, the culture and most of all, basic family rules. The following institutions involved, as what I believed, help and nourish maturity to its nature as good, right, humane, and just that is, the backbone of the modern-day civilization that put things in proper order. It is obviously shown in almost everything we see in our surroundings – that all of the functions are indeed in good condition and is a clear sign of showing good things, a very nature of morality that takes place from time to time.

Ethics is all about doing things right or wrong, in justification.


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