Thursday, June 18, 2015

Reflection: The World Is An Apple

This is a reflection in review derived from the story "The world is an apple" by Alberto S. Tolentino.


            “Why? Did God create apple trees to bear fruit for the rich alone? Didn’t He create the whole world for everyone?” from Mario of The World is An Apple.

            The scope of our experience is one determinant on how effective can we reflect on a certain literary work of art. Aside from that, converting our thoughts into words is also a challenge. The difficulty lies on the ability to use precise words to accurately reflect the things that comes into the mind – something which I am indifferent about. To address this difficulty, I carefully read the three short stories and identified which among the characters I would most likely be able to relate to in terms of their thoughts with respect to the situation they are in. This then led me to choose the line which marked the biggest impact to me as a reader, and the line which I could personally be able to relate to.
            The World is An Apple is a play about a poor family who struggles with the financial demands of life. I, myself came from a poor family, making this story the best pick for my 2nd reflection paper. On that certain part of the play, Mario questions the inequality between the rich and the poor. Why life must be so, that the rich can have almost everything they want, as if there are things exclusively for the rich alone. “Didn’t He create the whole world for everyone?” I sometimes ask the same questions for myself. Mario and I had the same experience, Mario and I asked the same question. In this sense, the lines became appealing to me, making me decide to treat this line as the point of my reflection.
            As a teenager born from a poor family, the words of Mario reminded me that there are rich and there are poor. More than that, it paved way for me to think about this inequality in a more profound level. I may be born from a poor family, but it is not my fault. It would be my fault if I stay poor. Yes, God created the whole world for everyone. The inequality in terms of financial capacity is created by man. Having that “exclusive apple” one day depends upon how we plant it now. If we plant pure hard work fueled by determination, then we will be able to.
            People are truly unequal when the basis is on their financial capacity. Whether you were born on a rich family or a poor one, it wouldn’t matter…you can’t do anything. But to stay poor or stay rich, it would be a decision that you should decide for yourself. God created the world for everyone and everyone gets a chance to have that exclusive apple…just grab it!

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The world is an apple. Source:
 "The world is indeed unfair by it's nature. But it is in us who decide our fate for many years to come" - The Pitzviews.


  1. this reflection helps me to pass my MidTerm on Literary Criticism subject. thank you so much!


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