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Opposites Do React

Everything in this world is having this two parts either pulling things apart or bonding them together. The very point there is, that there are two opposite forces influencing almost everything, pushing through the extremes of the great, with either beneficial or harmful results, and the life of every species on the universe hangs on the balance.

-- This is only the start of the journey into the deepest of ideas. Come, and join us. --


We all understand that everything opposite do react, either attractive or not, pushing to the realm of those who prevail, with that power in their hands. Well, we will talk not only of science but life as well. Yes, life. We all know that protons and electrons react one after the other, that the magnetic field has the power to retract or attract objects of metallic in nature, and of course, the science wherein the male and female species of any type react on such things. 

A perfect description of the opposite.


So, in order to give you some daily-life aspirations and in-depth information that is indeed limited to the mind of an average person, we will give you some of the best description of life-influencing forces that attracts and reacts everything


It is indeed a general principle that always says: In every action, there is indeed, an opposite reaction... True indeed! A science geek or even a person who has a known background in science may say that Isaac Newton's Law of Motion clearly depicts such description of opposite reaction, as there would say, that two forces complement one after the other. One perfect example is a pendulum, wherein a steel ball (the way I may describe it) swings in, transfers the energy to the other end of the pendulum, causing the other steel ball swings away. Speaking again of, Newton's Law of Motion, out of the three laws that it may pertain, the whole point of the opposites react thing points to the third law - opposite force.

A pendulum.

A Soyuz TMA 6 Rocket.
With the pictures given, it is already proven scientifically that physically, using the laws of physics, that opposites do react. Well, there are more surprises Science has to offer.

Wait. There's more.

Ever heard of positives and negatives? Yep, that's right. It's more on magnetism that makes machines working. The thing that has a function on the north and the south poles of everything magnetic, even the Earth itself. So as to say, electrons in a thunderstorm react when the positive charge and the negative charge collide and react to each other. Well, it's the opposites do react.


Obviously, chemicals react. I nature, such thing happens. But then again, what happens when an acid and a base mixed together? Well, one perfect answer to that question is - 


But, why salt? Salt is indeed a chemical compound, with scientific name "Sodium Chloride", is indeed a neutral form of chemical with a pH value of 7. Salt, generally speaking, is indeed a perfect example of a base and an acid mixed together. So much to explain, and is indeed mainstream in the world of science, some other neutrals as to pH level aside from Salt (NaCl) is Water (H2O) and Sugar solution.

Salt. A neutral chemical. Not acid, nor alkali.

Well, let's proceed to the positives and negatives. Ever heard of the word "ion"? These are chemicals of all states: solid, liquid, and gas. Just, they were charged into positive and negative portions. 

A source from says:

"A neutral atom or group of atoms becomes an ion by gaining or losing one or more electrons or protons. Since the electron and proton have equal but opposite unit charges, the charge of an ion is always expressed as a whole number of unit charges and is either positive or negative. A simple ion consists of only one charged atom; a complex ion consists of an aggregate of atoms with a net charge. If an atom or group loses electrons or gains protons, it will have a net positive charge and is called a cation. If an atom or group gains electrons or loses protons, it will have a net negative charge and is called an anion.
Since ordinary matter is electrically neutral, ions normally exist as groups of cations and anions such that the sum total of positive and negative charges is zero. In common table salt, or sodium chloride, NaCl, the sodium cations, Na+, are neutralized by chlorine anions, Cl - . In the salt sodium carbonate, Na2CO3, two sodium cations are needed to neutralize each carbonate anion, CO3 - 2, because its charge is twice that of the sodium ion."
How electricity works - Opposites do attract.

Animal Instincts & a Man's Love

Let's focus on an animal attribute in-between genders. So as to say "gender type", many of these species, vertebrate or not, has their own version of mating season, showing force of dominance among the other, and giving impression to mates that they are the one. Such attributes does happen to a human person, but there's more to a man about opposite reaction.

The saying "opposite does attract" comes to the story...

It only not pertains to magnets, but the species of different gender/sex type is indeed applied in the category.

In love, opposites react in romantic way.

Let me tell you a story...

Ever known to the climax of secondary years, there are two students throwing questions so as to the topics cover everything from verbs to wars. One criticizing over the other, coming after the glorious manifestation to belong in the honor roles...

One is a male, the other female.

At the end, the girl won the honor. But there is something more to that. The two develop throughout the period without realizing that they are both attractive over the other.

Isn't that amazing?

Well, such ever story is partly mainstream due to puberty and the rise from innocence. Things like that was like electric shock in a thunderstorm. And such scenario is indeed a nice illustration of "opposites do react, first by disagreement, followed by attraction."


Opposites react in many ways. Sometimes, it moves in mysterious ways. The universe would not even exist without the two opposing forces react and influence everything into it's path like a matter and an antimatter. One is dominant over the other, with the sphere of influence of the two different factions of very different ideologies vary from size, strength, and influence. It only takes a realization that, in almost everything we perceive and thinking, opposites do react and makes life colorful than they really are.


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