Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Being good is a hard job

Why does a person find it hard to be good without doing anything anomalous? Time to find out.

Being good at all times is indeed a helpful thing to do. It soothes my inner being especially when helping others. However, it is in fact tempting to do things that are against the very nature of human to the extent that it is hurtful not only to others but also to one’s self. It is gone unnoticed that at first, doing bad makes a person feeling good until everything goes out of track, if not immediately solved, will definitely alter the person’s personality. I was taught by my parents, my relatives, my friends and other known people to do good for the humanity. It works most of the time, but not at all circumstances.

And then, I read a quote in a book named “Nichomachean Ethics BOOK II”. It has been taught that by nature, humans are good. But then again, why is it that being good is a hard task to do? It is written in a quote that anyone can easily angry. Of course we are angry when we are disappointed. Why? It is on our nature of being human. So hard to imagine if a person is not angry since birth. Without such emotions, I could imagine that making mistakes will be frequent, persons will be exploited, and the majority will be misguided. I don’t say “be angry all the time”, it’s just inappropriate for us to be angry too much that hurting others is more of a probability than a theoretical point of view. The quote in the book also “quote” that doing good things must be done in a right person, to the right extent, at the right time, for the right reason, and in the right way…..Well, most people, including me can say that we are definitely agree on this. What makes us making good hard to do is the “requirements” that for me, is an essential to do a good job. It is rare to see that such moment will take place, citing that the “right” moment is gone unpredictable in all circumstances considering the mere fact that helping others without knowing the very point of the problem is as parallel in nature as the “right moment” in making good to others.

It is now understandable to me so as to the extent of doing good thing to other people is hard to do. It is hard not only because we are tempted to the point we are doing bad things in order to take it, but because on the simple fact that making good on the “right” direction is as rare as a dragon that breathes fire on everything it sees. Being good in today’s context is indeed rare implying the reality-based situations wherein people must do morally-bad activities in order to survive. As what I’ve perceive, we are good by nature but then again we are not the most perfect of the species on this planet. Like others, we fail to do something good to others considering our limitations as a human person. Well, that’s how I depict it.


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