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Stuck in an arguing conversation? Trying to stress a point that is mere logical but still receive rebuttals? Trying to drag you down to their experience and bombard you to the point of humiliation and defeat? Well, if you are looking for an answer, well, this is a good topic to speak of, at least to guide us out of despair.


There are many types of debates of different formats, presumably the British Parliamentary form of debate or the Asian form of debate being the known forms of formal debates. Our topic for this article is somewhat related to the aforementioned types of debate, however, with additional connotations.

We will focus on the very basic, yet the most important point to support a person's stand on the issue. And that is, arguments. Basically, what is an argument?

According to the renowned dictionary Merriam-Webster (link here), an argument is:

: a statement or series of statements for or against something
: a discussion in which people express different opinions about something
: an angry disagreement

By those definition alone, an argument, in lay man's term, is simply stressing ideas of a person to a specific kind of issue or topic that arises from something at the same time, using such points as a rebuttal to the another person's stand or ideals. 

The problem is, most persons argue something with a sentence structure, perceived as right and logical, has many loopholes that needs to be address and is a problem by those new in debating, or undertaking a court procedure, or even a simple argument between two parties.

Let us consider logic as an important role in every argument.

Arguing in a win-win situation. Source:

Logic in it's very nature, is the very reason why we Humans have this wide range of thinking that can do extraordinary things and can imagine a wide retrospect of all of those idea primarily due to the thing called rationality of the mind. Philosophy exist because of logic, and we all know that the best of those philosophers the history could offer - from Thales to the Modernist philosophers really use mental reasoning by stressing the points using the most sophisticated form of logic that an average person cannot simply cope up.

The good thing there is that we as a person, with the respect and guidance of those who care for us like our relatives and friends, plus the insurgence or the rise of the technological triumph that has gone mainstream all across the world, can tap the ability to use the information based on facts coming from highly legitimate forms of media as a form of a basis, a guidance in which it will serve as a foundation to our ideals and the points of view, in which it was logical in nature, use as an point of argument against the other's different view.

But there's more than that. Be aware on what the other side was speaking. If it goes out of the topic, then it will be advantage on the person who stick to the issue. However, throwing you ideals based on experience is another thing. Gone unnoticed, it was like the rationality has gone below subliminally to the point that there is no point to argue, wherein the basis is more on experience, although logical, but is already irrelevant at all type, at all costs.

So, in order to be on the right track, be guided by the following:

1. Know the point of the argument, from both sides.
2. Know the reasons as to the relevance to the given topic.
3. Be aware on the words thrown, so as there were many hidden loopholes on it.
4. Think before talking. That will help.
5. Read and research from different sources. It will firm the position.
6. Don't forget to use common sense in this matter.
7. Think of the whole picture of the topic with it's logical explanation that can be debatable.

Of course one cannot debate over facts. But some people just cannot admit it. Enlighten those people with evidence from highly trusted sources. But then again, don't just trust. Verify first.


It is clear and precise so as to be firm and to have an effective form of discussion so as to the validity and the logic behind such arguments. Doing so with guidance will surely make a person win a simple argument in a sense that it is as logical as it is, with the weights of reality and the perspective is much heavy over the other. So the next time you encounter a person arguing with you, be sure that the person as well as the argument he or she makes is as valid as it is, that is indeed make sense, with the intention to have a healthy discussion without any inappropriate kind of language and/or degradation between both sides.

--Lessons can be learned in a healthy way-- 


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