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With the insurgence of the internet, the technology, and the latest of inventions of the so-called techie arsenal, it is in no doubt that video games, no matter in what degree, are addictive. Find out more as you read this commentary.


Most gaming and software developers like Electronic Arts (EA), Zynga and others, are making games aside from gaining profits out of it, to give the most of fun to most people. But then again, games are appealing to different degrees considering the graphics, the gameplay, among certain categories subliminally apply to every gamer to satisfy the so-called virtual happiness.

Let us focus to the destructive nature of it. We are focusing at the two games in which I know, are addictive in nature. One is available on a mobile device, another on a PC.


One good example of a most addictive time as of the moment of the writing of the commentary is Clash of Clans. We will be discussing DOTA and DOTA 2 later in this thread but let me first discuss this matter considering that IPhones and Android devices are now gone mainstream.

Make love, not war. Addict much??? Source: Clash of Clans Philippines - Facebook

This game is in fact a strategy game wherein one creates a base (or a village for that matter), be a member of an alliance (a clan, perhaps) and wage a war against another base with the intended purpose to loot for more resources and thus, put the player in the rankings. Aside from that, one can chat with other clan members or other Clash of Clans player in general. That also includes Clan wars, in which it is A clan group versus the other group. At first glance, it was harmless. But then again, there are issues that are sprout out of the blue, considering the nature of the game when it comes psychologically with its players. The issue there was some of the players are spending 16 hours per day just to play the game. (The same applies to other games as well.) The reason behind such this is that the gameplay SuperCell applies (the game developer) is their reward policy and the duration of which a structure is needed to complete. The good thing now is, they have a feature that is, to control players their time to play CoC. 

Hey look. A Modulator!
But then again, a feature like that is not enough. One must control the pleasure considering that addiction to this game is equivalent to drugs if not solved. Especially for kids, parents must have a control feature to the devices for which it will not be played or to be played at given limited amount of time.

Let's proceed to another known addictive game.


It is known to most males like the one who write this blog (I don't play too much) but then again, let's just say that the addictive level of this game may be as addictive as the command and conquer series, all versions of the call of duty, and other action/strategic games that can be found on PC/PlayStation/XBox. 

A DOTA player. Not necessarily addicted, if not too much.

Let us focus on "Dawn of the Ancients" once in a while. Both parts one and two depicts character of base like strategies wherever you like, and it is indeed addictive because, aside from the scoreboards and rewards like Clash of Clans, it was also an interactive game in which, Clash of Clans also have. Let us say there is the chatterbox. Members play after the other. And as we speak of this game, there are many servers to choose with. But as far as Southeast Asian server is concerned, one may see many immature comments, more trashtalking, and worse, blame game. Unfriendly, isn't it? Addictive to such a game is like committed to a wrong thing. Instead of focusing more on the real life or having it balance, again like Clash of Clans, there are people (Not to generalize) are spending most of their time playing a game that is designed for pleasure, let me say, on relax or in free time.

After 72 hours straight playing, this player finally did it. Hooray!

We all be proud if a gamer finds time also to do activities beyond the virtual world. Who knows, that such a person who did find time can see the world more enjoyed than ever, having failures a setback, is indeed, a motivation for what is to come.


All comes with one reason: to value time. It was like the previous commentaries in this blog site stating about the time balance, especially about the 70% work and 30% leisure. But then again, let us focus on one main point of the whole topic, that is, to have time for reality. We all really know that such games are good thing to play. But there is an adage that keeps on saying "anything in excess is bad." Make things just right, like eating a diet that is balanced, having a life that is balanced, and most of all, having priorities balanced. Don't be an addict of a specific thing. It will kill you from inside out. Addiction is like a worm that slowly but surely, destroy the integrity of the well-being. Take time seriously, and glory be upon us. :)


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