Wednesday, April 22, 2015


A mere plan that has yet to materialize if the right time would come.

A Pitzviews Report

2015/April - The PITZ YouTube Channel, in which it was also owned by no other than the author of this blog site, is interested to take in more fresh entertainment, that is, to have more nice, awesome videos. This time, with a twist.

Accordingly, it was as planned to compile best of the versions of wither short-length videos made by viral applications vine and dubsmash, that has become a sensation right across the social media and also, across the web.


Vine was started on June of 2012 as a short-length video service. It was acquired on October of the same year prior to its launch. It's purpose is to create a nice record and edit a six-second video in a VINE app, in which it was free to get on either on the Apple store or on Google Play, with the feature to share it on social medias Facebook and Twitter. It was founded by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll . You may find the download links for Apple iOS here, and for Android here.

Meanwhile, Dubsmash is a video selfie online with the intention to dub one's self with different sounds. According to their website that it is good to be a dubber that gives fun to share it with friends inside the circle, or upload it on YouTube and let the whole world watch it in. One may find it awesome, but then again, there were already (accordingly to their website, again) 20,000,000+ dubbers around the world to have fun at this app. You may find the download links for Apple iOS and for Android here and here, respectively.



The channel started on September 25, 2010. The channel's purpose was all about videos that gives interest in all fields. It depicts all angles of everyday life. [link here] Accordingly, it was not until Oct. 19, 2012 that it uploaded the very first video that as of April 22, 2015, namingly "Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Street dance Competition 2012: TNHS Performance" that has already 33,184 views with 33 likes. Another most viewed video on the PITZ channel was the video entitled: Freestyle Hand (Tutting) Movements - A Girl's Amazing Talent that has 11,993 views as of April 2015. Along with that, there were already around 100+ videos in the PITZ channel, containing mostly, by mere entertainment.


It was as plan to share more of entertainment, accordingly, to enhance more fun and the tricks in the sleeves. It was proven that right across the internet, more and more people keep on enjoying and sharing these videos made by the apps as a new form of gimmick that was in case, make each and everyone happy. And as it is seen, the Pitz Channel on YouTube will be part of the greater plan to spread more plan tight across the internet. Also, it was projected that once the video was uploaded, there is the highest possibility that such videos will be viral, by at least 60%. But for now, it is a plan. It was as uncertain that such actions may take place in the near future, but then again, Pitz YouTube was open to such matter.

A video template from the Pitz YouTube Channel.


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