Monday, April 13, 2015

Informatics: Droughts

This planet has it's own surprises: Volcanoes, earthquakes, flood, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. But there is one thing that is not immediate as the ones aforementioned disasters here. And that is, drought.


Drought is a natural phenomena involving the hot, sunny weather on a dry season that is, lesser raindrops and lesser abundance of potable water. Rivers dry up, so does every deep well, every water pumping stations, and of course. More water rationing and more people lining up just to get water.

Conserve water! Source:
It is in fact difficult for life to move on without water. At dry season when drought takes place, there are many things happen: crops fail, more dead animals, prices of commodities will go up [as to supply and demand], even hard to squeeze up each and every activity involving water.

Here is an in-depth explanation made by  LiveScience:

 "Most people think of a drought as a period of unusually dry weather that persists long enough to cause problems such as crop damage and water supply shortages. But because dry conditions develop for different reasons, there is more than one definition of drought.
"Drought is caused by not only lack of precipitation and high temperatures but by overuse and overpopulation," said David Miskus, a drought expert and meteorologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climate Prediction Center."

And also, according to them there were four (4) categories of drought:

Meteorological drought is specific to different regions. For example, 20 inches (51 centimeters) of rainfall in a year is normal in West Texas, but the same amount would be less than half the yearly average in Virginia. 

Agricultural drought accounts for the water needs of crops during different growing stages. For instance, not enough moisture at planting may hinder germination, leading to low plant populations and a reduction in yield.

Hydrological drought refers to persistently low water volumes in streams, rivers and reservoirs. Human activities, such as drawdown of reservoirs, can worsen hydrological droughts. Hydrological drought is often linked with meteorological droughts.

Socioeconomic drought occurs when the demand for water exceeds the supply. Examples of this kind of drought include too much irrigation or when low river flow forces hydroelectric power plant operators to reduce energy production. 

Notes: Given by the research, it seems that drought in itself is brought by multiple factors. In most cases, it is more common to have a Hydrological drought and the Meteorological drought, in which it usually affects the usual water supply.


Well, if everything seems to be gone far worse than ever, and there is no action, then It's a yes. But the chances of such thing will be very minimal. Let's just say that all of this things involve water. There is a mechanism that most people go to other place if the place they were presently living is not safe. So, by mere survival action, a person must adapt by more water rationing or increase water storage in order to survive.


"As the time goes by, the likelihood of having drought, will increase." And it goes on and on. Based on the very basic and yet obvious fact, a combination of both climate change and population boom, with other man-made factors, it is in fact, that droughts will likely to occur in the near future. And some research [generalized] units are saying that droughts will be gone from worse. Accordingly, this problem can still be solved, at least if most people are disciplined enough to conserve the every drop of water.


The temporarily solution for this problem is to conserve water in a way that a household must have more storage tanks and also, a wiser approach on how to use water on multiple things without wasting too much. In that case, we will save not only metric tons of clean water, but also saving our energy and money to extract one. Such idea is important nowadays for us to save the planet...


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