Sunday, April 19, 2015


This was simply a fact that faces many bloggers - times of writing and skills needed to choose the right words and confirmation plus research across the web.

A Pitviews Internal Report.


Searching " blog duration" using a search engine like Google and check the results in the net. Looking across, it was stating about simple tutorials about creating a blog site - something that we did four months ago. But then again, speaking of skills, there are blogs that are as impressive that can compete with mainstream sites. And some were such less than improvement and instead, giving the readers an error 404 - page not found!!!


Time to make a blog. This was based per experience as a writer of a blog site here in the Pitzviews, which is indeed a new appearing blog site that started only January this year. And as we explained the details, this blog can take a minimum of one hour depending of each circumstances - ideas, research, confirmations, and even internet connection.

Pitzviews Learning. Speaking of this extensive website, we are experiencing unexpected delays due to this main reason - confirming the facts. It was indeed true when a collegiate student who has several problems sometimes with the lessons that have been touch and was not understand, and still needs in-depth research in order to get fats straight. In other words, there will be delays as far as time is concerned, especially if a blog is in a series mode. A series mode is a blog-after-blog posting that is indeed in exact order and needs to be posted in synchronization with the  subject that is speaking of. In other words, a blog must be finished in order to make another one, something that this blog site does not have, thankfully.

Metadata and Template formatting. A blog needs to be good in presentation. Something that agrees with the persona of the blogger. As one could see, a webpage is ranging with the colors of white to black, red and blue, or even a nicer background supporting a photo format like a jpg file. So as to see, people are after the blogs, which are meaningful in nature. So as to say, a nice template with all of those gimmicks on hand is in fact a plus in a blog.


To end this article, as one could see, a writer of a blog is in fact a most callous one, a radical one or an informative one. A writer has an aim - to inform, to convince, to report, or even to impress others with a nice piece of literature in this library called the internet. A blog writer is an inspiration, to write at heart, to contribute for the better, and to make the web a colorful, diverse environment for a surfer to see. 


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