Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Matter of Social Ethics

It is a matter of protecting the reputation, gaining respect, doing right, acceptable things, and most of all, giving a good impression at first glance.


In simple, yet understandable words without deeper terms and jargons implied, ethics means the difference of the person's ability to do things and the right to do a thing. In other words, it was simply an act that is indeed acceptable to the eyes of the other people without any kind of annoyance, insecurity, and discrimination. Ethics is the very thing that hold the person's core personality that does not an attribute of acting like crazy, or as many would say, uncivilized or illiterate in nature. Sounds like a butthurt, but an unethical action may spark a huge-scale conflict in the near future.

The right and the wrong. Source:

There are many considerations so as to act either the right or the wrong in so-called civilized world. But as to mandates of human nature with the respected social norms that is the basis of the many, it is to say that doing such things legally is depending to the way that such actions, varying viewpoints or perspectives by several people involved is indeed considered or to be classified as void.

In fact, one can determine if such actions are ethical if it is firstly, as seen in law. Law in itself, in it's very nature, is the very basis of the the rules and regulations in the society - ethics included. Law at first glance is the ethics of society wherein the highest of intellect creates it on the very judgement so as to the welfare of the people on the things as to say, ethical or not. When there's a legal problem, say, a violator of over-speeding it may say, is indeed unethical already in the eyes of society considering that in the eyes of the law, such thing is a criminal act. Doing a crime, anything that is against the law is in fact very unethical at first glance without any doubt. But then again, laws are not enough to see some of the parts that is indeed unethical at some sense. Like for instance, going to full the plates with lots of food or simply disrespect the elderly is unethical in any sense but there is no law that is implied against such things. Actually, there is no need to implement such laws against such acts, considering they are not such a criminality at first glance. What is involved here is more of moral values, values that come out straight from the very structure of the family that is indeed beneficial to the community, or even the society in general. So as the given examples, those are considered unethical not because they commit a crime, but because it was not adhering to the thing which is called family traditions. So as to say, in the other people's acts, it is unethical to the extent of mere humiliation, stripping more of dignity, much worse, discrimination to the extent that the whole clan is........involved.

So as to the right or wrong, it is viable to find the prevailing social norms in the surroundings and to consider the kind of actions to be used. But in the end, do not forget the moral lessons out of the actions we made. Ethics are there not to blend in to the desires of the people. Instead, ethics are just guide, aided by the family values, intended to make a better person out of a mere individual.

Nothing is wrong if it tried. Right? Source:

Simply speaking, ethics is very important for the civilized world to move on. Like moral values, ethics is the very key to achieve things like a simple hiring interview to a highly successful business meeting. Ethics in it's very nature, gains the person's credibility rate, gains trust and respect. It is helpful to achieve the highest of goals in life together with the economical progress of the whole nation with the clear, humanitarian intention that will not fool other people, and the principles pertaining to the society's functions will be fair to all. ~ 


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