Sunday, April 26, 2015


The internet is the place wherein everything come on hand, in which all that consist the very civilization of this planet is available there with a click. But then again, temptation lurks the waters. Mostly viruses, nudity, and all of those nasty surprises that is, well, much nasty.


The internet was in fact full of surprises. And most of the popular social media sites was one of them. We all know that a several minutes of Facebook or Twitter may be addicting, but who knows, the rest of the internet may be tempting as well - if it was based from person to person. And, of course, the group that is in the internet are colloquially called as the netizens. And they are ranging from hackers, gamers, social addicts, fame ones, cool ones, and the others who find the web interesting.

Every modern gadget is now connected to the internet. Source:

Almost everything is available to the internet. From the smallest of things to the largest ones, internet has a large bulk of information, so large that many of these information are either helpful or to be categorized as "junk information" in which one has kept on checking the details that is in fact irrelevant to the main purpose of the study and/or very aim of each research in the internet. Aside from this things, there are some sites that are indeed irrelevant and thus, giving misleading information so as to the data given, or aside from that, giving false ideologies that may raise up many concerns so as to credibility and things. Another thing here was, mainstream sites, sadly speaking, also giving sometimes some partly misleading information so far as articles are concern. Also in the internet, there are many other miscellaneous things like connecting to the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or any other so as to keep in touch with friends and relatives. As some would say, that these social media sites have some members posting spam, viruses or even articles that are false in nature or, pornographic site. It may benefited some people, but such things are in fact harmful in nature.


The point that may reaching out is simple. Be responsible and at the same time aware about the things doing online. Do not fell on anything suspicious, or it may be disastrous for both the gadget and it's user. Focus to the main point of the research and the ideas that is indeed that useful, use the right judement.


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