Thursday, January 8, 2015

The World Is An Apple: Meaning and Reflection

These Alberto Tolentino Story was in it at all. More on here; it really depicts the struggle of the poor with of course, temptation. Lots and lots of it...

Let us check a line from the story the gives meaning to the real life and also, the story in general.

The World Is An Apple: Meaning and Reflection

By: Bernraf Orpiano

Derived from the story: The world is an apple by Albert Tolentino

Category: Articles

“You should have tried to bring home pan-de-sal, or rice, or milk---not those “delicious” apples. We’re not rich. We can live without apples.” – Gloria from the story “The world is an Apple”

            I found it a little bit easy when I received such kind of task, due to the fact that it depicts poverty that is prevalently common, not only on this country, but around the world. I checked the compatibility of this line, in which it contains moral values about life in reality. I also spot these lines easily considering its striking message, which is the affordability to buy things. Then, it also depicts the gap between rich and poor, in which it was far than common.
            I like it, at the same time I chose this line because it gives a striking message about the importance of affordability of food, in which life in simplicity is much better to Gloria than what Mario wants. It uses descriptive form of language in which it was easier for everybody to understand at the same time, it speaks directly to Mario, in which Gloria says that they can live without apple. It depicts the scenario that Mario allegedly stole an apple in a store, in which he claims it will give to their daughter Tita. It was in this line that Gloria said to Mario that they can live more with foods other than the apple. They are not rich and they cannot afford an apple that costs around 70 centavos.
            It sends a highly significant message to me. I learned the overall simplicity of life without having to buy something expensive in order to satisfy ourselves. It really helps me how to spend less in order to satisfy myself. Like for example, in order for us to save more money, we rather tend to buy lesser expensive goods so that the excess of it can be used in the future. In this case, we can still eat more, more, and more without additional expenses and additional headaches.
            Therefore, this line provides us the importance of life itself without luxurious means. It provides a lesson among us that there are always an alternative to the things we have in this world. It will improve one’s norms about how did they spend their money without having it too much.

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For the whole length of the story "The World Is An Apple", watch this YouTube Video for the whole picture.

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