Friday, January 2, 2015

The Realities of Life

                      I see life based on my own perspective that use my experiences and my viewpoints as a guide in determining on how I define my life in which it may be contradictory or in parallel with how my friends define theirs. As what I see, life is full of mesmerizing colors ranging from black to white, with full of uncertainties, challenges, expectations and problems. And there is one experience in my life that strike to me at most.
            It was 7 a.m. of April 27. And it was supposedly another ordinary day. Then suddenly, by 10:37am, my mom passed away. I could not imagine that the one I’d love the most will just disappear. I kept on mourning, crying, & grieving. My family as well my relatives could not also accept the loss. At that moment, I could not accept that she was gone instantaneously. I don’t want to realize the reality of what had really happened at that time, and my mind was occupied of many uncertainties in the near future. At that time, I think upon myself what is really death for? Considering that on what I see on death was limited on physical means that the life, as we know it, will end there. Death that is hopeless up to the point that it is worthless to live considering the loss of a loved one, and death to me, is a tragedy that cannot be prevented by any person regardless of race, social status, religion or nationality.
            Later on, I think upon realization on the idea of death. What is the essence of having death exist in this known planet? Why does species needed to die? What is the significance of death to almost everybody?  And then, I realized that it is upon the cycle of life that death is consistent, and on death itself changes the way the nearest love ones on the way they live, as what happened to me months after my mom’s death. Based on my experience, I can say that the significance of death is that the suffering will end to the point that the soul will go to eternity such as going to heaven and rest there in peace. Furthermore, as what it is instills on the family’s belief and also on Christian values, having a loved one’s death signifies that a loved one converts his or her life to eternity in which the soul resides to God the most high.
            After all, as I thinking upon what I see on death, maybe there is a reason for all of these things although it is hurtful to us especially to the loss of the closest loved one that have lived together full of love for all of these years. What matters now is that we must be thankful that there are still people who taking care of us and still shows love. Also, we must show back the love they gave right at this very moment so that there will be no regrets at the very end of time.

[Photo] Painting of an old pair of shoes. For some, it may
have any sentimental value.


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