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The Movie "With Honors" Striking Line and the Meaning based on Life

Insight: “Simon Wilder: Crude? (Referring to the constitution by Mr. Pitkannan as on who is based on the faith and wisdom of the people) No, sir. Our "founding parents" were pompous, white, middle-aged farmers, but they were also great men. Because they knew one thing that all great men should know: that they didn't know everything. Sure, they'd make mistakes, but they made sure to leave a way to correct them...”
What does this line really meant for?
[Photo] The Movie "With Honors" (1994)
            This lengthy line that I took from the movie “With honors” struck me the most. Not because of the basis of the US Constitution itself, but because to the great people who are behind it. So, what do I find with this great people? Well, it’s in the way they live. In the word “great”, I used to this things that they were just heroic, charismatic, or let me say, the one who gives the most expounded contributions to the world at that time. And that mindset of mine was limited to noble people, the ones with power, and the ones who are rich… But there was the thing beyond being “greatness”. That thing is that they are not perfect in all circumstances and in all attributes, in which it was not part of my vocabulary in being great.
            But how did I come up with this idea? I came by the time I’d watch that remarkable movie “With Honors” made by the Warner Bros, this line involving Simon Wilder speaking to Professor Pitkannan in a typical Harvard classroom, these words about constitution gaves me an insight of what really greatness is. Based on my experience, I came by these times of being great by having excellent academic marks in my both primary and secondary years. And at those times, being great is by being perfect, that was applauded by the many, with almost of the exams at that time were perfect, and having a mark in the family clan.
            And then, I realized that being great is not being perfect, or being a boss, or not even being noble. Aside from the line I’d noticed in this movie for the real greatness, I also realized that; in my real life, being great comes only from being a simple person, a humble one who is indeed appreciated on what he or she possesses, and the one who contributes without pride. I badly learned a lot from my experience alone, considering that there is a time that I myself was at the lowest point of my life. And when I watch the movie, I see the clearer picture of what is the reality of being great. Like the great forefathers who wrote the US constitutions, we ourselves are fond of making mistakes. And also like them, we also find an idea on how to make wrong things right, without blaming ourselves on the mistakes in which we’ve made.

            Most of the time, I keep on wandering on what is the connection of being great to my experience, and to engage more from recollection of experiences from the past. As I would see, my experiences alone already taught me such ideas not until I watch this movie in which I was amazed in it considering that was inspirational in a way that a person will be great in the eyes of the other not because that person is a summa cum laude or with academic achievements; but with the good things or experience in which a person shares after the other, making the greatest memories that will never be forgotten and will leave a mark in our hearts in the rest of our life.

Line : 1994, "With Honors" Warner Bros, Inc. [Brendan Fraser; Joe Presci]

Note(s) : This is in related in what most of the students are pursuing. Furthermore, this post simply reflects the aspirations of most of the students pursuing in what so called "Academic" success without ever realizing the point in life that gives a pretty-bit significance of having lived simply with the intended purpose of having close with friends, precious moments with loved ones, and most of all, having the most of memorable experiences in life. So, don't waste it. It is time for us to seize every opportunity we get, as long as we lived in this world.

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