Friday, January 9, 2015

Sexuality as God’s Gift

   What is sexuality anyway? Just a pleasure? Or more than just a commitment? Let me say that sexuality is in fact,a God's gift given to anyone. It must be cherished, then preserved, considering that it is a gift of God Almighty.



A direct-to-point opinion by Bernraf Orpiano

            God, according to the Bishop of Brooklyn, said that “sexuality” is the greatest gift that God had said to us, considering that we, humans are sexual beings capable of thinking rationally and thinks that sexuality comes with commitment and responsibility. Sexuality in itself gives pleasure to the person and has a true purpose of making ‘babies’ that serves as a gift from God’s intervention involving sex. Also, it is the responsibility of us humans to have this Gift of God be used in its proper place, at proper time.

            As for my own ideas, sexuality in itself, if properly used, will give everlasting happiness to the couples who did it, in which they can produce the number of children they want, with the commitment to take care of them and their cherished future with the idea at investing more for the education of their offspring, that may benefit the couple once they were old.

            Also, if it is abused, it maybe leads to depression, or worse, committing a sin in which a mother or a father kills the child inside the womb of the woman. In this case, this is sexuality without love. In my own idea, such couples committing it, with some of those people are not yet married, only thinks about the pleasure sex would bring, without the commitment and thinking about the consequences in which they will regret it someday.

            Sexuality involves maturity with the knowledge of such thing will improve the existing relationship of a married couple. Such thing will enhance their personalities in which one can gain trust with the other. Another thing is having two matured; loving person together will bring true happiness out of love in which their children will be benefited among such things. In other words, these things will make a strong, stable, unity, and one happy family.

            Overall, sexuality makes a human ‘human’, and also, it is his or her responsibilities to use it in a proper way, either to preserve chastity of a person or to make somebody happy in a way that it is long term as a result of true love, with commitment beyond such pleasure in which it gives. Furthermore, it is the Gift of God. We must be thankful about it and also, we will never abuse it only for temporary happiness.


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