Friday, January 16, 2015

Seeking for the Real Me

What does it really mean to seek the reality of what a person really possess inside? Or to find out the real definition of life in this world? Or to seek the importance of life based on what so-called general perspective? Check this                                              blog to find out.

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Seeking for the Real Me
By Bernraf Orpiano

            We, ourselves and the people around us are struggling with our daily lives; tackling one problem after the other. We saw life as a competition, a survival in which our primary mission is to achieve our goals like being rich, or powerful, or just simply to be happy on what the life we have. We see life in our very own perspective, with preferences to our very own experiences, religion, culture, and the environment we live in.  In these times around, we focused too much on our priorities in life that we often forget how to enjoy our life even in the smallest amount of time possible. And only some of us come to think this question: “Who I really am and what is the purpose of having me existing in this world?”

          We keep on questioning such things as far as our knowledge is concerned since we gain our consciousness several years from the time of birth. And we keep on questioning these things as our life goes on. We humans are curious in almost everything we encounter in our life. One would say: “How come do I desire to reach my dreams in which it was difficult to reach?” Or, “How do I attain real happiness in my life as I existed on this planet? Such questions keep on buzzing our minds as we’re trying to explain ourselves involving the very existence of life in this universe and beyond.

          As a kid, we have a simple dream; in which it is to be happy playing around, day and night, together with a bunch of good friends. But as we grow old, we are bombarded by series of difficulties and realizations that will break our spirit and gave up, or to strengthen ourselves and to push ourselves at the very limit. One would say that the life he has is the life he does not satisfy; one that does not giving real happiness. It’s like several applicants hoping to enter a university or a corporation without any planning or consideration. One will probably regret on what he or she entered at as if that person is not happy in the life he or she had despite the riches and luxury that person possess.

          Seeking our inner self is indeed a difficult one; considering that it requires more than just mere conscience in which it takes years to open up. In this case though, a man in himself will never end searching for his better half considering it is for the common good; one for his family, another for his friends, and so on and so forth.

The primary point is this. Our life is full of choices, and it is our job to choose the path to walk. However, it is more appropriate for us to contemplate and to be expert of ourselves in which it will be on our advantages in facing life as usual. At the end of the day, life’s satisfaction will be better once we’ve find a bit of our better half other the other.


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