Friday, January 30, 2015

Poem: "Sleep"

Sleep replenishes our energy, a part of the routine cycle to live. Also, it helps us to improve daily life activities and to enhance our mind by restoring it while at rest.

And it is the Piece of the day.


By: Patricia Faith Dela Cruz

Sleep I haven’t got,
that I need a lot.
I find it hard to sleep at day or night,
Especially when the light is too damn bright.

It isn’t that easy,
maybe because I’m just too busy.
But when I find a time, I feel surprise,
and I just take the time to close my eyes.

I’m in a state of tranquility,
not bothered by the reality.
Everything seems so ideal,
until I wake up and see all for real.

Everybody needs sleep,
And not one that's just brief.
It has to be at least 8hrs a day,
Or else things may not go your way.


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