Monday, January 26, 2015

Poem: "The Ferris Wheel of Life"

 Life has full of ups and downs. Yet it is upon us whether we stand up and face the toughest of challenges we have or to stay within our limits and to do things within our comfort zone.

It makes us more human if we know the reality of what life is based on our norms-perspectives in which we basically known all over these years.



by Linchi Mari Villanueva

Life is like a ride on a Ferris Wheel
Always going round and round.
Never know when it is going to stop
Or never know how long it will last

Like a Ferris Wheel we have our ups and downs
And fear to face the future and consequences
But along the ride we've found laughter,
Love and happiness with someone we love and care

From them we find the strength and courage to enjoy
Life’s Ferris Wheel ride over and over again,
And knowing we have GOD that guides and protects
For this we trust in faith and give thanks 

Let us bear in our minds that life is full of surprises
Just keep the ride of life alive, And keep believing in ourselves
We can pass the challenges of life
Through God’s grace the Ferris Wheel of our lives will be meaningful!


Comment below upon the reaction on this literary piece. Thank you!



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