Friday, January 23, 2015

Poem: "Eraser"

  An Eraser's purpose is to fix any kind of errors (yeah that's right - errors) that makes an output good and clear of unnecessary mistakes.

  And this is how the eraser described in a poetic way.


by Almaida Indasan

I was once fair and square
Until somebody used me
Left me bruised and dirty
Caged back in darkness

Its hard to always be pushed down
Tossed around people
I was made for this
Only remembered when needed

Good thing I'm here
You got nothing to fear
I'll sacrifice a part of me
Just to undo your mistakes...friend

Lesson: cherish your erasers before its too late. Learn to appreciate their unconditional love *play katy's unconditonally*
Blogpost Notes: In life, we are not perfect. We often make mistakes. But on that mistake, there are limits. So when a mistake takes place, charge it to experience. So that a mistake will never be happen again.
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