Thursday, January 8, 2015

From Research Input to Production Management: The Insight


          This is one of the insight articles that involves production, research, and the benefits of one of God's gifts-the wonder tree, the oasis of life in a tree, in which it is, a coconut tree.

       Let's check how it relates with production management.

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By Bernraf Orpiano

            Production Management is one of the wonderful subjects that many would have learned about how the manager will improve production that will meet satisfactions, or even company standards. In this insight paper, I will connect the topic “process planning” with what I’ve learned in the recently conducted plant tour in Philippine Coconut Authority – Zamboanga Research Center in Talisayan, this City. PCA-ZRC is a government agency, under the Department of Agriculture, which purpose is to cultivate, to record, and to create different varieties of coconut trees in the Philippines and in outside. They are established since 1973 out of a presidential decree.
            Process Planning focuses on the question “how to produce?” or “how to make the project possible out of these materials given, or is abundant in the environment?” Given the details in the tour, the coconut can produce many things out of coconut parts needed [analytical manufacturing, in which it was part of process planning] particularly the coconut meat and water in which it was used in PCA’s featured products, like Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Sugar. Given the special kind of technologies and expertise, as discussed in process planning, such products were made possible, efficient, and has features that will met the people’s expectations, at an affordable price. Furthermore, such skills will be handed over to those who are interested to made such products, particularly the farmers so that they can improve their livelihood that incurs lesser costs and to have a better way of living thanks to process planning that produce things, improve efficiency, and to create things out of materials that is abundant to the environment, without increasing cost. Thus, such process lessens the burden to those who are interested.
            In process planning, in the perspective of PCA-ZRC, it really proves that in every materials given, in abundance in the environment, every person who has the broader sense of imagination can really create things beyond ordinary, such as the coconut sap transforming into coconut sugar. Such things really created out of pre-planned procedures and have met the product in which it is in the desired standard implemented by them. In conclusion, Production, as long as there is a creative mind, with process planning takes place, the production goes smooth and creates an effective and efficient Production Management in action.
            There are many things to learn out of this production tour in PCA-ZRC. Despite the fact that I lived in a house near to this research facility, it is only now that I’d realize things in mere clarification upon the production of certain objects that had been specialized and the power of transforming things thanks to process planning. Aside from that, there are other aspects of production management in which it reflected and applied in the products the PCA is produced that is outside of my primary discussion. One of which is analytical manufacturing, in which it was part of manufacturing process that deals in making many products out of one, common input.
            In this plant tour, I witness the production management that is applies into action in which, some of them are in the form of video presentation, implying the standards that has been set by the PCA-ZRC for the last 41 years of establishment in the beloved west coast of Zamboanga. In this case, I saw the whole picture and the very purpose on why really does production management, even particularly in  process planning that depicts the capabilities on how to make things done out of simple materials that has been transformed in a desired product brought by technological advances. Another thing is that; the skills in which the PCA has shown in their power point presentations is indeed easy to learn that they could convince other people who want to produce things the PCA promotes, in which it was cost-effective and can generate more profit in a much simpler, yet effective way.
            Overall, in the production management itself, I learned the importance of project management in the society. It’s because it gives the producers, especially in the field of manufacturing. Brought from the experience in PCA-ZRC, I realized that with proper management in production together with proper process planning, they transform things into finished products in which it can define their success in business industry.

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