Thursday, January 22, 2015

Poem: "Camera"

 This will describe you in a way that this thing describe its purpose itself to you as if it was a living being. This is a camera. In a whole, different perspective...

This is a poem made by somebody else...


by Fatima Aiza Jupurie

I'm your personal photo diary
Like Instagram and tumblr, I can be
Chasing dreams like Tom and Jerry
To capture our infinite journey.

Every click and flash of me
Comes the memories dancing in glee
Keeping in me for decades
The sole reason I was made.

I can be your extra set of eyes
Watching everyone eating fries
Talking to you so nice
While secretly stealing away your fries.

As the shutter slowly snaps shut
The scenery and people captured
Good and bad times recorded
Just like what I've always wanted.



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