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Spreading Rumors, Speculations are "Unhealthy" (Part 1 - Defense Sites)

Media outlets have a job of spreading information that feels the necessity and is deemed important to the people. However, there is always confusion as for what really is fact or fiction.

Pitzviews Note: This was not a discretion. This was just a reminder that you'll about to read a bit sensitive post. This was much sensitive than the second one coming up soon. Also, we encourage readers here to read the whole article first before judging. We are welcoming you to question our views regarding this article. For comments, write it in the comments section below.

Half truths are deceiving. Source: Union of Concerned Scientists
Posting things do really come with responsibility. However, honest to goodness enough, there were some outlets still spreading either false information, speculative nonsense, or half-truths which it was logically deceiving where in fact it was made twisted just to conform with their perceived agenda.

Every sources do subject to scrutiny and validity as far as credibility is concerned. And this website actually, is not an exception. Honest to goodness enough, ladies and gentlemen, any outlet, as long as there were people in it, or even machines do say, still subject to spread misinformation that would spell disaster to each and every person's minds that so destructive that they would believe at the false, live with it and eventually satisfy with the lies that it may bring despite the fact that such circumstances are indeed futile and will affect them negatively at the later date. Such is a waste of precious moments in life that is worth spending somewhere productive or spreading responsible information where nothing will bring harm.

The discussion was set to debunk sites with dubious information. Not to mention that this topic will definitely give you a hint where to believe or not. Judge this site as well and tell where the mistakes are, and we are welcome to correct it. In such a matter, this matter talks about a blog site who does the opposite of what the typical, responsive blog it is. We are not praising any informative entries, including this one. But at least this will give you the idea as to what it means to spread errors.


Let me give you a story. At least it is per experience of the writer of this blog. Discretion? Nah. We don't need one. And at least this was not some made-up story. This was somewhat happened in several places.

There was this defense-related site where we will not disclose so as it is shameful for both parts if it is revealed. A hint: It has three initials, three ones, a WordPress account and insisted that such account is a Blogspot account. Look for an article, defense related and pertains about the Philippines, then there it is. It comes first at the result. As it is, it is like a blog site like this one. First glance, and it was not a typical site where some just write several paragraphs then -done. More unto that, the detail were informative, a typical blog outlet do. However, there is one, big problem in this site where some micro-blogs, social media and other sites where they've done two things: speculating and spreading misinformation.

Now if you ask me: Why Defense sites? Isn't it other outlets can do such thing as well? Of course it is. Operating defense sites are indeed a great responsibility citing that posting between the necessary information and the sensitive ones alone is difficult to undertake. The only thing with defense sites such as this one, unlike many others is in fact speculating, mixing with facts, although they were sound too good to be true, but such speculations are deemed that problematic. Thus, such technicalities and terminologies are indeed that impressive to the eyes of those innocent readers, but such a thing are taking the experts a bit of a laugh among themselves how screwed such an entry it was. Not to mention that writing such an entry are not that easy to do. Taking responsibilities are indeed the name of the game. Disregard those things, and such an individual do put himself in a pail of hot water. 

Now on disclosures regarding announcements. Gone UNOFFICIAL, and as well being the not legitimate source of such a matter, of course they will post it without knowing the setbacks regarding such announcement. If such a release is indeed misguided and do find out that the results are different from such an announcement, then credibility is in danger. Not also to mention that speculations, again, playing a role in a press release. A separate portion of it is applicable, but speculating and announcing at the same time is enough to prove that such writer is a laughingstock and as well the curse where some other credible sites are been put into question. 
A perfect example of an incompetent, unprofessional blogger.
First message: Yes. To put those people in other pages to shame.
Fact Check: 
1. Bragging on viewership and likes were nothing more of a bravado which feeds pride that disregards unprofessional traits and misinformed bollocks.

2. This page is in fact strict to those who question its post. Instead of listen to those people and correcting them, they spend their time banning them instead.

3. Sensitivity. Spreading an insider information plus speculation and assumption results in a deadly combination of not only misinformation, but also sensitive information. If one spreads those things, they've just put this wonderful nation in danger. All of which equates to treachery where self gain, emphasizing blog gain is a necessity rather than just address it on proper avenues.

4. Profanity. That is one, unethical thing for a blogger. Addressing them in a proper way and in a good matter, it is. However, the photo shows the opposite. Not a good way for impositions.

5. The most important of all, character. One simply just promoting some evil-like things that eventually makes one's credibility tattered.

The point being: Never be like the people in the given photo. That shows the level of intellect and as well wishful thinking that such mentality is a farce one, a far cry from the others who are just there to give responsive information and proper knowledge to feed out the minds of those followers craving for some updates. Like an opiate, it makes people believe. Deception as it is, was designed to conform with one's idea. All of which will hamper the necessary things, and that includes preserving sensitive information. In other words, this thing that is presented here shows how absurd a person may be to do things wrong and harmful so just to get things done, all for fame and feeding ego.


Speculating on a platform where facts are needed is indeed not bad at all. Except when it was abused. In such a case, an assumption mixed with these things up will feed the person some wrong information and thus, believing in it. Such in a way, the mind is the most powerful thing a person can have, and also the most manipulated one. Be an example, be responsible and get the facts straight. Question every site and be aware, then judge where is legit, validated or not. Free up the mind.


The latest in the rising debacle of the incompetence and unprofessional show-offs, we insist to post this photo instead.

Judge this...
This only shows further that such a defense page like this must not be idolized nor patronized. As this article suggests, it only shows that such outlet are there for envy and not for spewing out information. More out coming soon if situation aggravates up. 

The second and the last part of this series will be coming up soon. 

In line with this, we will be coming up with a "responsible information policy" soon.

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