Friday, April 15, 2016

Overwhelmed Temptations

A person is now facing the glimpse of the real world. And this world is indeed so wild that any decisions that will made is predetermined by various factors as to what benefits, gains or losses, or anything that runs through one's life. And temptation was one part of the story.

Biblical interpretation of Temptation.
Source: About Religion website.
Everything in this world is either giving benefits or bad effects as for the person's reputation and standing. At such, in a purely social environment wherein people can get in touch one on the other, it is unavoidable that temptations, among various things, do take place in such a way that it perceives as an opportunity for riches, glamour, popularity and pleasure,without downplaying the long-term effects that will undermine the person's overall personality and worse, ripping one's reputation apart. Thus, getting trust is difficult to do and prejudices really do take place in such a way that it hurts the inner self.

Food for craving.
Temptation comes in a way that a person's way of thinking comes with self-interest. Interest that only deals on the desire of the self, or other various things that deals with the desire of the person to cope up with its own pleasure which is perceived as either love or happiness.

In this way, pleasure is indeed shown as a self-centered necessity of a person that such individual is deemed craving for. And all of that comes with a various of things like food, tech, furniture, and other materialistic things that is craved on. That was also not limited to other men and women that a person desires that by the context of this article's perception of things, considered as a temptation that is indeed harmful in long term and can affect groups of people when things got a lot worse. Materialistic things are also tempting citing that it can spark envy, pride and jealousy in various people that will reap relationships apart if not the case, fixed out.

Pleasure was something that needs to be controlled in the things that is deemed ethical and/or moralistic to the views of the common good that if not fixed or tamed properly, temptations will end up as sins, as what the bible connotes it.

Suggestion: Never get tempted by this

Temptation is indeed depicted in the bible in the book of Genesis. In this first part of the bible depicts the story of creation and on the sixth day, God created man in His own image.

Ditto, the story depicts temptation in a form of the serpent that deceives Eve to eat the apple, which is the fruit of knowledge as per case the bible depicts it. To further escalate thing up, Eve entice Adam to eat the same aforementioned fruit that will eventually make them aware of all good and evil things in this world. Thus, that will prompt God to expel them from the riches and abundance of the Garden of Eden and instead go on to live up their lives in toil and atonement, where Adam will bear fruits of hard labor and Eve will suffer the pain of bearing a child. Thus, getting sinful do get the harshest of punishments in which such sins often do trace back from temptation itself.

With bible's depiction, temptation is not yet a sin, for it is a way to sin. A person's way of thinking will eventually determine this kind of things whether to resist temptation or to give in to this temporary pleasures that will give problems in the near future and thus, committing sin is deemed probable.
For the love of money is the root of all evil.

Online environment is indeed infested with various things like, leaked data, deceiving marketing methods that entice buyers to buy without knowing it was a scam, nude and/or pornographic material, and so on.

All of those aforementioned things are just some, if not all, temptations that can see in the internet that make fool out of some internet users. Not to mention also that click baits, malware, social media and other various things also make things gone weird and crazy for several users that tempts them to go on full retard in posting irrelevant matters on the internet, ripping their own reputations apart and worse, cyber-bullying in such a matter will aggravate the situation. All of those are made out of temptation that resisting is so hard to do that one resorts to be a full retard on things and eventually gone dumb among themselves, in which it was a sad thing to say. Other than that, there were marketing transactions online in which, connecting to temptation is so deceiving that entices buyers to buy the thing without determine the factors as per pros and cons are concerned. That in which it entails devastating results to the person's financial standing. And, for citing a great example for online temptations tier, social media sites, online dating sites, pornographic sites and so on entails a great danger that will put desires first without thinking of consequences. And that comes in the mere fact that these things do either communicate without knowing each other deeply, or say, having the pleasure to see the flesh of those women that raises testosterone level to the point that masturbating is inevitable without considering the dignity of those people doing dirty acts, or somewhat some people resort to voyeurism where these maniacs often do their tricks on their sleeve by either putting a camera in a comfort room or using a mobile phone to take a pic of those panties under the skirt. Such temptations result to evil acts of epic proportions that result to rapes, killings, envy, and other forms of sinful things that makes an individual less more of a human.

Let it be aware that being tempted in doing thing comes up with consequences that will either put such person into a bad light, or worse, will subject to having themselves ended up in prosecution that will make them spend years in prison. Advice is that, find a way to resist temptation like having a life, or looking for a girlfriend and love it fully, or keep on studying masters or proceed to another course. Or spend time on hobbies like reading a book, create a documentary video that will be posted on YouTube or create a blog entry. Better if one will volunteer to help other people in foundations. Such in a way, it was helpful to say that this healthy things is what makes us really human.

Acts of voyeurism spawning on the web.

In temptation comes evil things. And evil things comes with devastating results. It is advisable to avoid this things citing it will affect the reputation of each individual once found guilty. Overall, temptations are spawning in everyday life in the wilderness of the modern day society it is. However, it is deemed done the best to resist it for the sake of the betterment of the common good.


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