Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Devastating Misinterpretations

With decisions made, a consequence will take place. A mistake was made, a dilemma will take place. And when dilemma exists, ethics comes in to solve up its pace.

It comes up in poetic gesture, as if it ever was. And it goes on as it follows...

Dilemma Ethics

A decision was made out of mere listening;
and it was made without mere understanding.
Its results could have been devastating;
if the neglect keeps on going and going.

It all comes with some proper communication;
and was therefore received by haphazard person.
When good and bad really needs recognition;
in situation that puts us in bad position.

They were bias, and their viewpoints were one sided;
and all of our sentiments are getting denied.
In it comes anger, all of it, and more hatred;
In such actions, no one was ever delighted.

Despite the fact, I myself gets move on along;
And sometimes, I look back as to where I belong.
With such problems never, ever get prolong;
So the former self will stay in the past. "So long."

There is no right or wrong. It depends on the weight of the
situation and as well who those who held account to it.


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