Saturday, March 12, 2016

Little Flags of Uncertainty and Discontent

This is a figurative form of a literary entry that comes from a heart blazing and hoping for the eventual possibilities out in the calm.

Blurry Lights at the End...

Uncertainty is the name of the game, at the end of the tunnels that may shatter with booby traps that will definitely closing the gaps of glimmering signs that may say it is 'hope.' However, there were still ways if we just trust the Lord Almighty that everything will be done and as well will be achieved even in distress measures.

Bubbling, drastic measures are utterly considered, growing some little signs of discomfort within a feeling so uncertain whether to feel it right or not, in a dream that in the eyes of an astigmatism kind, somewhat it is not clear as the guide was not as clear, rendering for the possible signs out in the plain view.

The Flag is still reigning up high in a boot camp where the endure survives and will definitely lowers that flag gallantly for one is achieved beyond ordinary. That flag is the flag of the self, waiting to be lowered and to be raised in a higher pole full of opportunities and the gist of excellence that quench thirst of the core.

Everything has gone mixed that a person gets confused around things that may seems as either fact or fiction, assumption or not, genuine or fake. That makes it the inner self gone wild, seeking the negative emotions consumed in the gist of a so-called debacle of epic proportions. Somewhat it can still be solved by the way.

When one is desperate, it as everything the world will just sunk into the abyss of uncertainty, whether chances that will be grabbed upon. However, the self still do hoping for the best, like a candle in a dark, ready to ignite what it is consumable by mere expression, gesture or ideologies that may set fire to the world and make it better.

Where everything is settled, after the storm of epic proportions of a confused person, it was still uncertain. That will happen beyond horizon, where timelines where still not taking place, where things were still a mystery waiting to be happened. Comfort and assurance is the one that needs a lot for the self.

Let this be the end, for this is not. It is the beginning of glimmering hopes and optimistic results that may gone ahead. Dreams are not dead, for it was still retained. Some other time, it will be nourished by a person as much as realistic and with principles as he was, for it will be used for the other's benefit in the near future. . .

It will always be... 

Hopes and dreams will be realized. Just be patient and it will be there on time...


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