Saturday, January 30, 2016

Love Strategies with Contingencies

Have ever been on a situation wherein you, as a text messenger, sends this prophetic messages to this woman and suddenly gone with mixtures, twists, and some other unexplained glances? Perhaps something more profound must be used for it.

Before proceeding, there is a corresponding note for this article...

The Pitzviews Note: This was based on the first-hand experience of what has been a simple carrying-out of help over a paper which suddenly become a gist or say, a topic on a forum of this so-called advisers who want to join the man in-love in this perilous ride of courting which is on-going. Somewhat a 'developing story' to some, but for others, it is a gist of hopelessness and deceit. It was a mixed messaging that a subliminal mind goes all along. In lay man's term, it is a romantic gesture for such a thing to get along...


When her babe received the text and did not reply back.
Or... Some mix messaging doubter form of thing.
This skill is indeed one of the profound things a man should possess....Something charismatic in nature that one really flows through the veins of the woman and somewhat it is protruding into the heart. It is creepy if you read it literally, but it means that it is somewhat worth the value of all of those highfalutin cliche that make that woman on the photo take the wild guess as far as this L-O-V-E is concerned.

This was enhanced further by this so-called advisers (The one who spews series of advises that determines the faith of things, group of things, or series of things) that gives the guide for a person to push through. Warning! Some advises are not worthy over the other, as if it was based on mere nuisances and as well some epic form of destruction that eventually destroys the inner person from within. Follow at your own risk.

With this connotes something. Such obstacles is indeed a hard one wherein one needs this nerves of steel and as well some mind endurance just to keep this thing all along, somewhat being helpful on the part. Furthermore, this thing do give the feels, the emotions, and all of those teary-eyed flurry things that have gone both ways, being happy or sad. It was like getting difficulties on a heart to bear.


It is deemed worrisome to the extent that things
go from bad to worse.
This goes alone with the so-called 'the progressive stage.' It comes with mere delays, mind-boggling imaginations, mixed emotions and as well sleepless nights. Infatuation as they say, but those happiness really have this mixed messages that comes all along. This is somewhat unbearable as per circumstance that the happiness connoted in this paragraph may have a chance to be a mere shower of sadness prevailing over a schmooze of things that may eventually gone difficult as the days go by. So harsh, isn't it?

It is somewhat gone with the involvement of one's mind playing with the heart and thus, getting things all along with the synchronization among the two. It is somewhat playing in one's self that times of waiting and as well some messages that seems to be worrisome really do screw the person's way of life and eventually end up crazy and thus, having a drink of liquor with friends seem a viable option. (Not recommended). Furthermore, having a person as your world really do screw people up. And as in this case of worrisome uncertainties, it is somewhat unbearable on one's heart that depression is indeed clicks away. What's the suggestion? Never give 1 whole of one's life to somebody. Give it 1/4, or 1/2, it is OK. Give it 1 whole, and in a sense of danger it will make this person think that goes in this saying "Yeah. I give everything I have for that gal. Now we're no longer in each other. I am indeed myself worthless." ---It is without sense that God is only at your side to replenish you and with guarantees that If you give your life to Him, then expect more blessings in return.

Therefore, in such uncertainties, let there be clarifications into one's mind by simply contemplate and reflect. Heed advises from families and friends are also a good thing to do. Another is that, inasmuch as depression is concerned, find a way that makes a person productive. Say, being a workaholic after the distress, or being a blog writer so that it may serve as a guide for others, or being a student who wants to graduate on time is somewhat a coping mechanism that is indeed running contrary to the people who are desperate enough that is indeed an unfavorable condition for a man.


Have time crying.....
With this, consider the contingency plan when everything gone wrong. It starts with a question "What should I do when such thing happens?" It is somewhat thinking the worst case scenario that may pop out of one's mind and will eventually go as time goes by.

Consider a man without a backup plan. That results to what the man pertains to the picture right above. It hurts, right? It is fine. It pertains on the nature of being human that upon consideration of things and the like, there have been lots of ups and downs into one's life that is upon consideration that life, by nature is indeed what it was. It is somewhat come into a sort of fatalistic form of attitude wherein one's pessimistic mind goes with the saying "What it will be, will be. Que sera, sera." If one's life comes with a lot of initiatives, backup plans, and the like, it may be still hurtful by mere nature, considering the extent of the feelings inside one's heart, but it will minimize one's hurtful feelings a lot. Thus, saving from the savages of depression that ends up with self-destruction.

In the end of the day, one thing is certain. If gone succeed, then move along. If not, proceed to plan B, and so on. The overall point of this article pertains to one thing: Every experience, moves, or anything that pertains to it, take it as a lesson, an experience worth remembering. Who knows? From that there are possibilities that upon crossing into the horizon, things in its way were meant to be? Perhaps, there will be time that all things will be gone settled. Asking when it will be? Time will tell.


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