Sunday, December 6, 2015

Points of Morality

Morality comes in different perspectives that comes up with one conclusion.

Personalities and Different takes of Morality and Immorality.
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Morality deals with the norms of the society, particularly the idea of doing the right and wrong, and also the awareness that the actions made is indeed based on the stipulated laws like for instance, the laws of Nature. Morality keeps the person upright and stand up for the values and as well as the supposed traditions that keeps the society in order as well as to keep things in the right place that will eventually benefit all of those who preserve it. With morality, proper manners are attained, everybody is treated accordingly and people is attentively involve in an activity that makes sense and will definitely affect the improvements in a community in general. With this, let us discuss the points of morality that is essential to the things aforementioned here.

Morality has its own points, either it may be Christian Morality, or it may be in other religions, or either it may be in a perspective of Philosophy that may applies in many fields like business, education, or the society in general. In Christian perspective, there are even three definitions of Christian Morality coming from theologians like Franz Bockle, Antonin Sertillanges, and its general definition as response-ability. Franze Bockle’s perspective to morality is that part of theology that searches for the norms of free human conduct in the light of Christian Revelation wherein it deals with man’s free acts and coming up with moral norms through reason and faith.  Antonin’s perspective deals with morality as the science of what man ought to be by the reason of what he is, which focuses on the science as an open-minded study of human experience and reflection on God’s revelation that continually searches for new answers to new moral issues in human situations, and also, concerns with how things should be, or how we should act or behave. Lastly is the description of morality as responsibility or rather, response-ability.  From the words response-ability, it shows that morals will definitely move a person and its ability to respond accordingly. From the Philosophical side meanwhile, the scope of morality is far broad than Christian Morality, in which in itself falls on the category of Religious Morality that includes that of other religions as well. There are more philosophical points of morality such as Social Morality, which focuses on how a person deals with another person or a group; Individual Morality wherein an individual has his or her own opinions aside from societal or religious point of views; and Morality and Nature which means how a person deals with nature.

Morality, although with many viewpoints, focus on one point - which is how really is the person deals accordingly with the established norms, the right or wrong, and the concept of it as paralleled to the laws of nature. As a person, it is the responsibility to act morally and as well to be aware upon the philosophical or even just the religious perspective of morality so as it is the thing that makes a civilized person in a civilized world. With each and every points of morality, one will definitely gain respect as well as the other, and all of those who apply it will be benefited for it makes things healthy and acceptable to the person and is compatible to the society’s given standards.


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