Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Not Favorable

Ever felt the feeling that most of the moments in life that one of us gets left behind or most of the cases, we felt that the odds are even against us in all circumstances wherein we ourselves are trapped, strangled, struggling hard to get out of such mess that in mere nature, it is mere coincidental, but is indeed annoying and worse, disappointing.


Waking up in the morning, and it is just like any ordinary day with simple, boring routines. Taking a bath, eating breakfast, and go to school or work. Once arrived to prepare for class or a job order, there was this classmate, or a colleague who wrecks your day with this annoyance felt. Then, a prof or a superior is giving lots of paperwork to be finished within the day. It was still good then. Upon reaching home, and it was fine having time with family once again.

Now, imagine this thing again with a twist - failures and people who keeps everyone down with bad attitude. Plus all of the series of mishaps that hampers an individual's overall performance and thus, affecting the overall personality which is erroneously perceived as 'being incompetent.'

Being incompetent - not a good sign. Source

There are in any ways many solutions in order to cope this unfavorable environment and all of its surprises and much more to offer to people like you and me. One is to plan ahead for it. Here's how...

If one encounters a person who is problematic and is angry to other people due to a personal problem, please do remember this quote:

"Being unfriendly to others because of your problems will never solve them. It only makes life much worse."

It is true. Why bother to bring down others to a personal problem? Instead of this, how about making things favorable by having these friends hear one's sentiments, care the weeping person, and give advises necessary to keep things moving? Definitely, it simply means that unfavorable circumstances is indeed a personal act and as well as an act of fate. It is somewhat bring people down to the point that pessimist people give up. Well, if the odds are against people like us, then it is time to man up, face our fears, fight it, and most of all, to conquer challenges even the most of difficulties. In other words, if one is brave enough to even change the inner personality of the self to a better, productive and as well competent plan, then this unfavorable plans will be easily dealt, accordingly.


Sometimes, s*it happens. And when that happens, people tend to go wild, complain, do their best not to cry, then cry. It is the feeling that goes over and over... The solution for this problem is simply not to carry over by emotions. It is simply a matter of initiatives, optimistic attitude, and prayers from God. It is so to happen that unfavorable circumstances happen and is part of everyday life. However, mistakes, failures, broken friendships and so on are mere 'lessons' in life that the purpose is to never let this things happen again. Having unfavorable things commonplace is not healthy. So it is good to regulate, learn, and make creative plans out of it. We are not perfect in any things. However, it is also the right to be intelligent and as well be wise enough in every decisions. Never let emotions nor logic control you. Instead, let there be an adequate balance of both the traits that is necessary to overcome challenges in life.


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