Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Filipinos on West Philippine Sea Dispute, Are They Aware Of It?

The country faces a dilemma that it endangers its survival due to a poor armed forces, poor mindset and screwed bureaucracy.

So, how is a usual, ordinary citizen's stand in this case?


Patriotism showoff. Source: Pinterest
People are always going to make decisions and shape their beliefs based on self-interest. It's a sad fact of life. Right now the ones who are being directly affected by all of this are the residents of the Kalayaan Island Group and the fishing communities who are no longer able access the West Philippine Sea.

As for everyone else, it doesn't effect them........yet. So long as they are able to make a living, send their kids to school, play with whatever electronic devices they have, watch their teleseryes, to the pabebe cr*p, and tsismis to their heart's content, they're fine........for now.

The problem with the loss of those territories is that it sets off a chain of events that ultimately leads to a changes that really do affect people's self-interest.......and not for the good. But by the time anyone realizes that it does have a negative effect on daily life, it's already too late.

The thing is, so few people are even capable of thinking that far ahead. It's the here and now for everyone.else.

I would speculate that the one big thing that would be lost, would be that sense that you're safe. Free from harm. Having a big threat that close is a little like having someone big and ominous behind your back. But you can't see what he is doing. For all you know, he might have a knife in his hand, ready to plunge it into your back. But he's there. You can feel his breath gently stroking the hairs on the back of your neck. Every once in a while, he will whisper something softly into your ear, and each word sends a chill down your spine.

And you would have to live with that feeling of imminent dread every single day.


In order to break up the chain upon those things aforementioned, which distracts the masses (masa) from the real issues, it all needs is a sort of information seminars wherein is some ways they will find out the real issues about the dispute and as well as its impact among themselves.

This is a university forum that serves as a channel for student enlightenment.
Source: Facebook (link not provided due to privacy reasons)
The photo provided here is one of the excellent examples that will definitely make students aware of the things that happens in the West Philippine Sea. This forum definitely give some glimpse of the events and the outcome of such events like the International Tribunal of some sorts. Furthermore, this forum will give the students an idea in a way that it is healthy, patriotic, and as well logical that is contrary to the news referring to the students volunteering to go into PagAsa island. Check this link and spend time browse across as to why I I say such statement. Furthermore, as much as possible, it is also a duty of those who know better to give knowledge and to determine each platforms of each candidates so as that the future of a nation like the Philippines and its success will be ensured.

Translate: Pres. Noynoy spills a 2nd Hand Jet fighter with PHP 200K worth of champagne.
Note: In reality, The jet fighter is brand new and the most expensive of champagne does not
even reach PHP4,000.

Therefore, knowledge and love for country must be necessary in order to keep things going so that in a way good things like the Armed Forces Modernization Program will go on without a hitch, and to continue its mandate to keep the citizens safe and can sleep soundly.


This country and its 100,000,000 population has lots to offer to the world, and with that goes the livelihood that feeds the people everyday. Although many perceived that they are safe from such mishap due to distance, its economic impact and even the long-term security will definitely affect this people until such time that it all goes too late.

Always remember this quote by the Late President John F. Kennedy of United States: "Ask not what the country can do for you; ask what you can do to your country."

With notes from Edrick Masangkay.


  1. Great blog sir, if only the government would start an education program for what is happening in the West Philippine Sea and the current situations and potentials of the country.

    1. I agree with you. If the government continues such symposium like this one, then we will have students who are aware of the issue and will definitely support it until the very end...

  2. Population is 100,000,000 not 100,000


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