Sunday, November 8, 2015

So Close, Yet So Far

Everybody arrives on the total assumption that we almost reach our dreams and we almost grasp it. But several factors makes it look like its a long way to go in achieving each and every ultimate objectives of our lives.

Each and one of us has own dreams and does all of our best efforts in order to reach it. It is far common to understand that in reality of life as it is proven nowadays, that in order to reach a goal one must suffer first in a series of mishaps, failures, setbacks, and worse, series of factors that may hamper the time allocation given to reach a specific goal.

Well, don't lose hope, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Just trust in the Lord God for guidance.

(Note: I am not referring to any relationships here as it is suggested in the internet. However, this article holds some relevance to each and every relationships out there, particularly those who have their long-distance relationship. We people have dreams in our lives, it is just worth saying that we almost attain it, but the dilemma is far from over.)


It is unbearable to have such a feeling when what we aspire simply cannot attain that easily. Most will cry, some will hold on, some will just laugh at it, and some just really want to end up their lives implying that they worth nothing in this world. It is just as disappointing that such expectation simply cannot be met and the person around an individual (a bread winner) will simply lose confidence and support will be lessen. It feels bad that it is as depressive like the burden is on a person who fails at a specific part of life, in which logically saying, it is almost attained.

Take for instance the ones who take their board exams, or just any exams of any type. And then, let us assume that person fails on one subject alone in a difference of one point near the passing quota that will definitely lessen the burden. Feels bad, isn't it? However, such failures does not define our personality, despite the fact that no one definitely trust a person who definitely fails a lot. Trust will regain when a person proves them wrong. It may be gone unbearable considering that the odds are really not in a favor, but a series of counseling, advises and spiritual guidance will definitely help in order to recover from a storm that ravages a town in which it inflicts severe damage and many casualties.


Life is indeed a Battlefield. It is unfair. Reference: Battlefield 3 Trailer

The recovery part of the aftermath of a ravaging storm, may find at first so emotional as the storm itself, but several guidance and as well advises based on reality will definitely help the person to move on and proceed to pursue the ultimate dreams so that it will be attained. A recollection or a retreat that takes a day or a week will help burst emotional upkeep and will lead to enlightenment of ideas - ideas that is charged to experience so that such mistakes will never happen again.

It was just like a soldier in a battlefield. If one is prepared, then there is a certainty that the war will be victorious. Likewise, the unprepared one will succumb to defeat and will go full retreat, plan to counterattack, then try again. This time, with full preparation. In context of facing the full brunt of life's unfair realities, it may be so close in attaining a promotion, in courting a girl, or even graduating from college, yet so far in attaining it such as lack of requirements, the girl's parents hate the boy who courts, and a college student who delays due to subjects not attaining the requirements, respectively.


In every setback, there must be an optimistic attitude and a proactive mindset that a person will definitely move on and will face the battlefield head on. Inasmuch as improving the skills and the proficiency is concerned, it must be come with hesitation wholeheartedly in such a way that things will go on flowing easily. Another thing is that an activity instead of neglecting it or to act lazy that negligence comes with failure, it must be taken out with passion. It is OK to be stressful, but in work comes love, and love comes from the heart.

It will gonna be OK that upon realization that a dream so close, yet so far thing will be gone no more. It will be attained sooner or later and the certainty that a man's happiness will certainly worth out of all of the challenges that life is throwing to each and every person walking on this planet. It is hard to face the harshest the realities life has to bring, but with the resiliency of each and every person's heart, everything will be gone easy and we are getting to each of our ultimate goals closer and closer each day until we successfully attain them one day.

Relax. Dreams will be attained, just work for it.
~ Dreams will be getting closer, closer and closer. So close and it will no longer further. Just trust in the Lord God, and everything goes with the flow. ~ 


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