Saturday, November 21, 2015

Defying the Status Quo

The norms in this civilization shift from one trend to another; and such anticipated craze affects the person's overall stand on the different issues in life. With that, it changes also the way a person live in the norms and of course - the status of life.


A person's life will never be so much thrilling if such individual push his or herself out of the comfort zone. Lives are such boring that sticking to the Status Quo would require additional twists and turns that suddenly brings out the person to show their sentiments until such time that some will even resort to write things with Highfalutin words that is so poetic that it goes an average person gone weird. 

Nothing lasts forever. The trends change overtime.
And speaking of pushing beyond limits, it also includes bad things, events that are of lowest denominator, the lowest moments in life that one must have suffer in all of those challenges, endless problems and incurring stresses that will suddenly burst out of mere desperation that a person will suddenly thinks that such a life is indeed worthless after all. That was bad to say, but the end of the day, there is always a remedy to the problem and in eventually time after time that such life will be realized the reason behind the concept of what have had really happen previously. Its more like of a destiny.


People change, that's true. Things change, that's true. And it also applies to almost everything on this planet - from the atoms to the universe in itself. And it is understandable that the world change in its pace overtime with the leaders change and particularly, the society changes with one generation over the other with different favorites, norms, clothing, among others.

Survive, or die. Choose. 
However, it is a human mandate to retain some of the things that by purpose, it must not be change as the time goes by - say, our cultures, our values, our morals. It is indeed highly probable that any things that be seen negative over an individual will be subject to change, or even the potentials will be tried to bring it out not for a bad form of exploitation, but rather a highly collective form of ideas that will be bloom out of the seams that is highly considered a driving force on the change of this planet. That is if, the inner self is ready to accept the changes that what it seems to be the benefit of all what surrounds the person, and the person in itself. Status Quo is changing, though unaware, there maybe time that the norms will be change, but a personality remains.


Status Quo is all about the present situation and the agreed norms in this civilized world, and there's a proof in history that Status Quo change from time to time. And there will be one day in the near future that the Status Quo we have today will be shifting once again favoring another person, as if a life is like a wheel, there are times that we are on the top, and times that we are on the bottom. And such comparison apples to everybody and on everything in existence. Nothing will stop the shift. And it is on us to change it for the better.


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