Saturday, September 12, 2015


We live in a modern-day society with the latest of technologies are reachable in a palm of the hand. With information passing bit-by-bit, it seems that the world is getting small after all.

However, in today's context, there arises the snakes who intend to put relationships at risk in order to attain self-interest.


A human person is a social, rational being with the purpose to communicate with others of the same species. With this, civilizations grow, inventions of different technologies were made, knowledge were contributed, ideologies shared, and languages formed. With this comes the principle of social life, following the trends of the time, having time with friends of the same interest, and others.

There is nothing wrong in having a friend. In fact, it is beneficial. It is on each person whether to put trust with his or her friend or not. However, there are circumstances wherein the closest of friends are the one who betray the person that will eventually ruin the friendship years in the making. Assume that it happens between best friends. How does it feel if a person betrays his friend for self interest? Does it hurt a lot? Does it affect the way we see life? It seems to be hard, but there is something wrong on the part of the person who put much trust in the friendship that someday will be ruined.

The betrayal of a person and destruction of friendships come with a lot of factors and reasons that may involve the individual or an outside party with the purpose of attaining the evil of goals.


Knowing the concept of social wealth, there may be seem a lot of factors regarding the betrayal of friends in a situation like this one. Either way, the reasons has anything but one in common - selfish interest and the opportunity to gain the self over the friends out of envy and hatred.

Here are the detailed reasons that are presented in bullet form.

  • Less time for social talk. A person with a feeling that he or she was out of the social circle particularly in a classroom setting or even in the workplace with some of his/her friends in it have higher chances of backstabbing.
  • Jealousy. Assume that a friend receives a promotion. How does that feel? Although there are friends who will be proud on these achievement, but with self-interest, the chances of betrayal are significant.
  • Better friends. Choosing better friends is also the reason out of betrayal, citing that those friends are cool to get each other. 
  • Judgmental Attitude. They speak to you gently at the front, then they speak back at you while you're gone. Isn't that harsh as it seems? A victim will never see that coming until the right moment in time.
  • Friends with Benefits. Gaining friendships for the sake of higher grades, higher classes, or even financial gain are classified as backstabbers.
Those are just some of the reasons that can destroy friendships and induces depression and hatred on after the other. 


The solution to the problem is simply to socialize in a way that a person who is a potential to betray will felt the care of the friends in a way that loyalty is still there and also, find a way to permanently win the hearts and minds of those people who are less close than you, that can be change from backstabbers to close friends. Although it may be a bit difficult at first, eventually it will benefit both sides regarding on trust and all of those secrets and a stronger bond between friends.

Don't spread hatred. Spread the love even to thy enemies. Time will come that the world we live in will be at peace.


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