Thursday, September 3, 2015

Same Old Story - Changing the Old Lifestyle

Most people deceive the way he or she takes transformation in which it is for the better. However, same old problems persists and the same old lifestyle prevails as if it is already part of the norms.


A person's personality, class, intelligence and self-control can be determined by the way a person lives. That was his or her lifestyle.

Lifestyle consist of the set of activities and the way of living that determine the person's very attitude. Usually, it gives good or bad outcomes. Like, having an orderly life with priorities set within the specific goal in a certain amount of time, then such person has a sufficient and efficient form of living. Chances of a successful life is high for that person. Likewise, the opposite applies to a person who has unhealthy lifestyle with not orderly surroundings and a distracted priorities with no planning at all. That kind of person has a big chances of series of failures and if not solved immediately, the results are a bit horrendous to see.

Don't lose hope. There are still solutions in such impending problem. Such changes in one's lifestyle may be difficult, but doing and completing it successfully is already an achievement.


Changing one's lifestyle is in fact a radical plan, seemingly almost impossible to achieve, with the chances of success are slim. However, such plan will be realized if it is applied constantly and if there is enough dedication to do such change.

Simply speaking, there are only two requirements for the change to take place. That is, self-discipline and planning with logical dedication. The first one is indeed the common one. It is mere common sense. Nowadays, such discipline is badly needed to keep things on track. A glitch in it will suddenly put the rest of the plans at risk. It is a domino effect. One will affect after the other. Assume that the failure of the first one is not that fatal, and there are no revisions as to planning is concerned. Then, there is second attempt. This time, failure is so fatal that it destroys the credibility of that person. Later on, the failure puts blame on one simple thing: Lack of self-discipline. Even with all of those theories are on the mind and all of those efforts are there but if such mistake like acting haphazardly, or planning/studying such things haphazardly, then it must be solved immediately. In other words, there should be self-discipline in a person, and in such a way it developed in learning in the past with dedication along the way will give a person "second chances." The second one is simply a correlation and is also a theoretical perspective to tackle the most difficult of things that is way beyond conventional way of living that is indeed adaptable for such plans to be followed. 

In this manner, the plans are realistic and the aims are a bit ambitious, but with dedication and self-discipline plus fighting spirit, one says that the same old problems can be overcome.


In lay man's term, it simply states that there must be a realizable change that will take place that is beneficial to the person. Promoting a better lifestyle and eliminating the problems in the past is a good decision despite the difficulties, with certainties that there is a light in the end of the tunnel. Prove to others that an individual like you and me can achieve the things we want to reach. Think about this: If they can do it, why don't we?


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