Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Challenge of the Underdog - The Primer

"When others pass and you fail; then there is absolutely wrong to you. No one helps you in such kind of dilemma except yourself" - The Pitzviews writer

In-depth discussion regarding this matter will be posted soon...

Ever experienced being the lowest in class? Ever been insulted by the higher-ups even the smallest of mistakes? Ever been ignored, bullied, and other sorts of things degrading the person's dignity? Well, that's a problem that badly needs a quick remedy.

Being an underdog is like being a person who's significance isn't not that important. However, there is more to a person's hidden talents that one day, in the future, being unnoticed by many people, will be commended.

So, how does it really feel to be underdog? Find out on the next release of the developing story regarding this article here at The Pitzviews.


This is the story of a dull boy who turned the best surgeon in history which depicts an underdog-turned superstar.

The film prove that everything is possible. So, there is so much hope.


It simply depicts that there is hope in everything. Although that a person is at the lowest point of his life, there is the time that everything goes normal all over again.

It simply requires patience, discipline and perseverance. All of these combined and that person will surely reach the dreams at its peak.

Keep in mind, that in order to succeed, let there be a reminder of failures done in the past so that there will be a realization that such dilemma will never happen again, and to ensure the success of the brighter future.


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