Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Wake Up Call - Making Things Right

Most of us simply do not understand the realities of life not until we are in the situation wherein we hurt too much. It's not too late; there's a solution to it.


Storm incoming.....

Let's take this example. A baby, a boy and a girl is born in a family that can sustain their needs. As the time goes on, they grow up like a prince or princess inside the most grandiose of houses their hardworking parents made. They have successful achievements in their academic studies, ending up with honors in both primary and secondary levels. They are much spoiled as they are, growing unsatisfied of the things possessed; as if one is not contented.

These babies, now grown as teenagers, are not aware of what lies ahead. Once entering college, they find the subjects difficult, schedules gone hectic, responsibilities gone at large, and there is conflict between the needs and the wants in the way they think (article here). It was gone OK at first, then, it was gone harder, and harder, and harder.

But then again, there is a much, far worse things to come, especially in making mistakes.


Face palm? That's a sign of admittance to mistake. 

One is not prepared in what's to come. Say, a practicum with strict standards. Or, the newest of house rules that everyone must follow. Or a much harder-than-imagined examination that goes far at hand, or even an academic problems on an individual only to found out that he or she is the lowest in class.

However, that's only part of the series of problems that baffles a kid that grows more into a competent adult capable of decisions. But these problems are much worse that it is more challenging to live an everyday life.

  • Death of a close loved one
  • Financial problems of epic proportions; more debt or the combination of two
  • Depression, daydreaming, craving for happiness that is rare to find
  • Laziness, loneliness, unproductive manor making activities gone unfinished
  • Addictive to any luxurious kinds, with different variation of vices
  • Disregarding studies; haphazard to none; drastic failures
  • No proper management of any sort; disorder to almost everything
  • Little or no plans at all. Withdrawing to any interest.
  • Any mistakes of sort that is minimum.
These problems are either the source or just an offspring over an existing problem. Some of these are even effects that are also categorized as added problems. 


A wake up call is the turning point in life.
With most difficult of problems will even be disregarded until the end that a person's mistakes affects his or her life in general. In other words, such failures triggers the person's conscience until the certain point that he or she enters a moment in life that is called a wake up call.

It happens when a person sees the results of those mistakes taken unnoticed to a long terms of time until something goes terribly wrong. It was like a student who ignores the results of the long exams until he checks and realizes his mistakes by checking the periodic grades or midterm/final exam grades. Same applies to the investors who are blinded and illusion by their belief that a specific company will grow until some time in the future that a company gone bankrupt due to massive fraud such as the one in Enron

These mistakes will broaden the person's perception to the errors he or she made, find a necessary action out of it and will definitely solve it that there is a certainty that a mistake done will never be happening again.


With wake-up call comes a plan. It may be very hard in the beginning, but afterwards after several analysis, a person can come up in a plan that can put up in a SWOT analysis like the ones who take business-related courses.

Let us say that a person does this and discovers the strengths and weaknesses a person possess, with the opportunities and threats going on in the surroundings. Such assessment will give a great help to a person in order to pursue the goals at the same time ensuring that a committed mistake will never happen again. With that, once a person reaches the top, a climax in one's life, he ore she will always remember the mistakes of the past, the challenges and actions that one faces, the suffering, the pain, the hardships, the undertaking and all of that difficulties before reaching the top. 

With SWOT, and the conscience of the person realizing and make those bad results as a wake up call, will eventually realize that the life is indeed pretty hard that one must work hard with wise thinking in order to go on forward to achievement.


Everything in the universe is not perfect. Even the most intelligent people commit mistakes. The machines gone malfunctioning. Not all of the time things gone normal, and so on and so fourth.

A mistake is made for us to learn the right over the wrong. However, doing mistakes again and again is indeed not good. It takes a lot of time in order to realize that a simple neglect and the simplest of errors made that is pretty bit minute will be realized in the form of a disastrous event of some sort or a catastrophe to a certain degree that may realize that a person needs change. That is the point in time to do wake up call.

In the end, a person will definitely learn about the way things run in the universe. In other words, every mistake is a process of learning that such thing will never happen again. These is the turning point in life. Make a change as early as the simple mistakes do arise. Don't wait for a big disaster in life. Start as early as now and everything that follows will definitely be fine.


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