Friday, March 20, 2015

Hyperventilated Anger

HIGH NOTE: This article focuses on the offensive. It is extremely sensitive in nature. Proceed with risk.


Okay. Where was I? Oh. It's all about that anger that one cannot easily ventilate.

Do you ever thinking on seeking revenge with somebody or the other way around? Like somebody is threatening you on something like, wiping you out of existence? It is indeed, out of mere anger.

This man is like a raging bull. Howdy ranchers, time to rope 'em up. Yeeeha!!!

At the moment I write this blog, on this article section of this blogging site, I was like bursting out of anger due to only one reason - having those games uninstalled from that gadget! Oh, for some, you may see it as "not a big deal at all", but for gamers out there, what if those "saved in progress" will be also wiped out, could you be just so angry about it?

If you're angry, you'll feel like it's pretty bit a good feeling to kill somebody to achieve this, what they called, in complicated terms, justice. But then again, what they've prevailing at is a crooked form of justice that was not even in the law, that is illegal act, that is offensive that you'll ended up in jail. Another thing, it is not good at being angry at all times. It will stress you out of ordinary, makes you sick, and may end up having heart attacks or hyperventilation which is also called high blood pressure wherein you felt that your heart is palpitating, or worse, chest pain. Also, it may be the other way around, like stress as a result of overworking may result in anger.

Now, one would tell me on what would be an angry person's actions when exhibited? Oh, come on, it is obvious. No more explanations. Just a brief observation is already enough to determine. But then again, there are times that such actions are exhibited even the person is not angry. So, don't assume. It does not happen the whole time, though.

I am a Lion. I am the king of the jungle. Hear me ROOOOAAAAR!!!

AND LASTLY, anger has always an underlying assumption so as to reason is concerned. One will not be angry out of nothing, not unless if the person is crazy in nature. In my case though, the reason behind is in fact, a misunderstanding, a case in which I done my part in housekeeping and there's this young sibling of mine being angry due to deceiving irresponsibility that I've made. Some parts may be true, but then again, generalization hurts. Learn to be considerate sometime. Housekeeping must be a girl's job. I am not a girl, though.

Just take note, being angry does not help. It only make a bad thing much worse, and it will put the both parties in so-called self-destruction mode. Furthermore, it is right for us to be angry, but don't bring it with the rest of your lives, that you may bring it into your burial. That will not make things better. Stop anger, and make your life enjoyable and friendly to others. :)


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