Thursday, January 29, 2015

Poem: "Lalka"

       (Lalka is polish for doll, the item is about an antique doll owned by a girl in Poland during WW2.(Poland was the first country invaded by Germany during WW2) I just thought of it after watching some documentaries..) - The Author of this Poem.

          Remember Hitler? Remember Anschluss? Remember Auschwitz? If yes, that's not the main point of this blog! (Oh yeah, I'll write an article about Auschwitz by next month. :))



Scarlet lips, pretty lies
little cherub in disguise 
In your eyes reflects a lifeless soul
Forever on your lips a fake smile shows

bombarded with even rain or snow 
deaf to what ever words the harsh wind may blow
to the little girl you are prized 
sitting pretty as time endlessly flows by

To the little cherub like in disguise

your master held you in her arms like gold
To leave you behind was what she was told
When she is forced to watch the world in destruction unfold
You held her hand trough the harsh bitter cold.


Any reactions? Post a comment here. :)

2015 - The Pitzviews


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